Apple’s Passbook App is now becoming more popular by the day as businesses small and large are realising the potential value of having their coupons, tickets and membership passes installed on their customers devices. Passbook offers a new and exciting way for[...]

    PassKit released a contest yesterday for a chance to win a whole host or prizes; including an iPhone 5, an iPod Touch and if that wasn't enough they are also offering hundreds of thousands of free Passes. This is a tremendous opportunity for any business to re[...]

    Who has the best service? After considering all the factors listed here, the author has taken each of the companies and given them points out of 9.  The more points given, the more superior the quality or service.  Note that these are the subjective views of [...]

    This section describes the selling strategies and pricing methods of each Passbook service.  The full article is posted here. Selling Tactics and Pricing So how have these companies leveraged their financial acumen to provide pricing and market their service[...]

    This section describes documentation, API, server platforms, and SDKs for different Passbook pass creation service.  The original article can be found here. Documentation, API, Server platform, SDK Here comes the technological aspects of each website, whic[...]

    This section compares the customer service and support systems of each Passbook pass designer/creator.  The full article is posted here. Support, Customer Service, Guides/Videos This is a very important part of the consumer-business relationship.  Having sup[...]

    This section discusses security, reliability, and scalability features of each Passbook Pass designer service.  The full article is posted here. Security, reliability, scalability and speed Security refers to the encryption and authentication used.  When t[...]