This section compares the features each Passbook creator/designer service.  The full article is posted here. Passbook Generator, Creator, Designer Service Now comes the part where everyone is probably most interested in.  How well does each company provide[...]

    This section describes the brand identity, SEO results, and social media engagement of each Passbook service.  The full article is posted here. Brand Identity, SEO, Social Media These companies would not have been found by chance.  Their brand identity, as[...]

    This section describes the background, company information, and management styles of each Passbook service.  The full article is posted here. Background, Company Info, Management The background and track record of the owning company can be a good indicatio[...]

    PassKit has just released their account plans which can be found on their homepage under the "Pricing" section.  You'll notice that PassKit offers 6 different types of plans ranging from a free trial version to enterprise plans.  The most prominent feature is [...]

    PassKit has published a new set of Pass Designer features on their homepage.  Things from localization, notifications, a companion scanning app (to be released), e-mail server notifications, analytics, and much more are described on their website.  One cool fe[...]

    After watching a video demo of PassKit's Pass Designer, and now that iOS6 is publicly available for download, PassKit has released their Pass Designer so that businesses, individuals, and everyone else can easily design Passbook passes and open them through [...]

    Alas, Apple has finally released the new iPhone 5, and along with it comes iOS6.  The most outstanding feature for the iOS6 has got to be Passbook.  This opens up an entire space into digital wallets and eventually mobile commerce or payments.  From membership[...]