Of all the new iOS features for the iPhone, Passbook is probably the most unique and different. It's something Apple has not touched before: digitized passes in an e-wallet app. Passbook will store an assortment of tickets, coupons, loyalty cards, and othe[...]

    QR codes and PDF417 The popularity of 2D barcodes have erupted, and there are various types of barcodes in the market.  The main goal of 2D barcodes is to store information and allow a scanning device to read whatever is contained in the barcode.  But how d[...]

    There's been a lot of buzz about Passbook and the excitement continues to go around the spectrum of actually having Passbook passes in a user's device. The end product, which are digitized Passes, is what makes Passbook appeal to everyone. And for businesses, [...]

    The competition between operating systems in various devices is fierce, and firms are constantly improving these systems to provide users with the ultimate experience.  Apple’s latest operating system called iOS6 will be released sometime this fall, while Micr[...]

    PassK.it has released a sneak peak of their Passkit Pass Creator and used it to create some sample Olympic tickets.  They've tweeted out 3 pictures: The layout of editing various fields on a pass pic.twitter.com/7vZEtFOT How to change/edit images on a pa[...]

    There are probably many businesses and consumers out there that don't have an Apple developer account, meaning that testing out Passbook passes isn't possible due to the unavailability of iOS6 beta.  Nonetheless, PassK.it has launched a Passbook Barcode Genera[...]

    Here is a PassK.it video demonstration on how to create barcodes without iOS6, using their Passbook Barcode Generator.