As many may already know, Passbook iOS6 is an app only for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Apple has mentioned that it is not compatible with the iPad, and there are good reasons why.  But there could also be advantages for Passbook to be iPad enabled too, especia[...]

    We constantly hear about patent disputes between major technological firms (Samsung vs. Apple ring a bell?) and we’ve realized that protecting ones ideas is of utmost importance.  On July 24, 2012, Apple was granted an iTravel patent which handles e-ticketing [...]

    Apple's strategy here is to not to partner with outlets to use Passbook, but provide consumers with a first-rate app experience, especially with the very high-tech function of geofencing.  Consumers no longer have to search through their wallets for their card[...]

    Apple's Passbook iOS6, is essentially a mobile wallet, allowing users to digitally store and use all their coupons, tickets, cards, and passes.  Rather than using NFC technology, Passbook employs the use of QR codes to scan and read information on each pass.  [...]

    Got iOS6 Beta loaded on your iPhone but your Passbook still empty?  Here are the Passbook Pass creators we have found on the web so far where you create your own Passbook passes. Remember you need to open them in your iPhone (or iPod Touch) browser and you [...]

    There's no doubt that Apple's Passbook will reshape how transactions with passes are carried out.  Mobile payments and checking in for flights will change the way we handle all our passes, and with the Apple brand supporting Passbook, consumer acceptance is hi[...]

    If you think about it, Apple's products aren't anything new.  The technology for music players and computers have long existed before Macs and iPods became popular.  But Apple's ability to revolutionize the way people listen to music, surf the web, and use pho[...]