Here's a video from which shows Nick Murray, their Lead Developer, trying to use a Passbook version of a Thai Airways Boarding Ticket.  Check out their website to learn how to create Passbook passes.

    We've found a great source for those who have iOS6 to test and play around with Passbook.  At, you can download sample Passbook passes for free right into your devices.  They've got concert tickets, retail cards, membership cards, and much more.  You [...]

    Mobile payments is a massive multi-billion dollar market opportunity. It's just so big that it woud be completely short sighted for anyone to think that Apple wouldn't want to own mobile payments, whether it's through an acquisition of Square, or built from th[...]

    Outside of the Apple Conference, there are not ways you can get to see how Passbook works, and that can make it tough to visualise how it will benefit your business and the experience your consumers will have. Here's a great video, that shows how Passes wor[...]

    Apple has provided the world with many innovative products and software.  Their iPods, Macs, and tablet computers have changed the ways in which consumers listen to music, browse the web, and stay connected with what's around them.  When it comes to software a[...]

    Apple's release of Passbook in the coming fall with iOS6 is bound to have heads turning.  Passbook is an app that is essentially a mobile wallet that stores all your tickets, coupons, loyalty cards, and passes, all in one user friendly interface.  It categoriz[...]

    Many businesses today offer coupons or vouchers in the form of newspaper cutouts, advertisements handed out on the streets, or coupons that are downloaded from a website.  Passbook has a unique section in its interface that allows consumers to store all their [...]