Events, be it concerts, performances, or sports games, attract a large market with varying demographics.  The traditional way of ticket selling goes like this: tickets are purchased, they're printed with the relevant information, it gets delivered/retrieved, a[...]

    Take Starbucks or Subway, for example.  They both have a loyal fan base in which customers visit on a regular basis.  Both provide retail cards which make transactions that much easier.  A simple scan of the card and the balance is deducted, so the consumer ca[...]

    Going to the gym is simple: check in with a membership card at the front counter, work out, and retrieve the card when you leave.   The membership card merely serves as proof that you belong to this gym.   Passbook could provide more than just a means of ident[...]

    Forget bulky wallets containing expired coupons from 2005 and a worn out loyalty card.  Set to be released in the fall 0f 2012, Apple's Passbook provides a unique source for consumers to stay organized and updated with the latest news from retailers.  Passbook[...]

    If you have many employees on the road, or even out at events, you know that distributing tickets or making changes to those tickets or passes can be a major headache involving at least one full time secretary. Passbook is an Apple iOS6 app that stores tickets[...]

    In today's society we are slowly moving away from traditional advertising, such as e-mails and especially traditional mail. Even though the traditional days of snail mail are slowly evaporating people are still pushing e-mail advertising, which is easily being[...]