Using Passbook

Can I delete coupons and tickets through Passbook?

Yes, you can delete any one of your passes. Click on the information icon at the bottom right of the pass, which will then show you the back side of the pass.  The back provides you with a few settings options and more information about the pass.  You will also an icon of a trash can which allows you to delete the pass.

Why can I only access the home screen in Passbook?

In order for you to actually use Passbook, it requires actual passes to be created by a third party or other developers and then opened in Passbook.  If you don’t have any passes at all, Passbook will only display its home screen, depicting an empty Passbook.  Once you have passes in there, you’ll see them in Passbook and can manage and access them accordingly.

Once you know the format of a pass, you can even build your own passes and install them via e-mail.  If you have the beta version of iOS6, check out and you can download some sample passes into phones.    If you want more information, see the Pass Kit Programming Guide for how it all works.

How can I test push notifications in Passbook?

So far, we’ve found that allows you to download sample passes and use their API to test out push notifications. Ensure that you have iOS6 installed first, otherwise you won’t be able to download any of their passes.

Go to and download a sample Starbucks pass:, and from there the developers at will email you an API key. Their starter file at should allow you to push updates to your pass.


Can I recover a deleted coupon, ticket, or card?

There are a few ways for you to recover a pass that has been deleted.  If you received your pass through a URL link or mail attachment, simply locate that URL or mail attachment and open it again.  Your pass should then be stored in Passbook.  If your pass was opened through a 3rd party application, go back to that app and reopen the pass from there.

Can I turn off push notifications?

You have the option of turning off push notifications for Passbook.  However, you will not receive alerts detailing changes in your ticket/pass.  If a flight time has changed, you won’t be notified of this occurrence.  There is no real-time update to your pass if push notifications are switched off.  It is highly recommended that you leave push notifications on to take advantage of instantaneous updates.

Can I turn on push notifications for some passes?

Yes, you have the option of switching on/off notifications for passes.  You could keep notifications on for your airplane tickets and event tickets, but switch off alerts for your loyalty cards.  This allows the user to control what information they want to receive.

Do I need Internet/Wi-Fi/3G to use Passbook?

You would first need to get a pass into Passbook, which requires one to click on a URL, open a mail attachment, or open a pass directly through a 3rd party application.  This depends on Internet connectivity.  Once your pass is stored in Passbook, you would not need Internet connection to scan the QR code.  It is static and can be scanned without Internet connectivity, just like a standard barcode.  However, bear in mind that without access to the Internet, you will not receive push notifications or alerts, nor will your pass be updated in real time.  To maximize the full benefits of Passbook, connection to the Internet by Wi-Fi or 3G is recommended.

What if I want to edit information on tickets and coupons?

Contact the outlet providing your pass, ticket, card, or coupon if changes need to be made. You as the user cannot change anything through Passbook itself as all of the information that appears on your pass runs through the system of the provider.

How do I get coupons, tickets, or cards to appear in Passbook?

You must first purchase a coupon, ticket, or card from providers that are integrated with Passbook.  Upon purchase, you can open a pass directly from the URL you received, a mail attachment, or through a 3rd party application.  Depending on the outlet providing you with this pass, these are the ways in which a pass can be be opened and stored in Passbook.


  1. by Denise on February 27, 2013  8:12 pm Reply

    I cannot get back to list of my cards. Only Walgreens pops up. Not my amc stubs card

    • by Admin on April 1, 2013  8:20 am Reply

      Apologies for the delay. Did you ever get back to the full wallet view? We do know that the first version of Passbook did occasionally freeze. We found the easiest way to get back to the full list of Passes in Passbook was to go back to the home screen (the home button) and re open Passbook. If the worst comes to the worst, close Passbook (double tap the home button and then hold the icons in the bottom shelf and tap on the 'delete' sign - it won't delete the app but will force quit the app).

  2. by Matt Leisen on March 31, 2013  6:12 pm Reply

    I sent two MLB tickets to my passbook. Only one is visible ("seat 10"). How do I view the other pass ("seat 9")? Is there any way to toggle between multiple passes to the same event? My purchase email from MLB states that both passes have been sent to passbook.

    • by Admin on April 1, 2013  8:18 am Reply

      When you view the 'seat 10' Pass then swipe from left to right to view other Passes. If the Pass is issued by the same business (ie MLB in your case) with the same certificate (which is likely to be the case) and the Pass Type is the same (in your case they are both tickets) then they 'stack' on top of each other. When Passes are stack, tap the header of the first one and the swipe left to right to see all the Passes in the stack.

      • by arielle on October 5, 2013  9:04 pm Reply

        I'm having a similar issue. Tried to add two tickets for the same event on my passbook. I've tried swiping right/left and up/down and it only shows one ticket. The tickets aren't stacked, and there aren't any other links within the first ticket that allow me to view the second. I've tried it all. My tickets are from ticketfly...I don't know if others have had similar issues.

  3. by ADOC on July 20, 2013  12:33 pm Reply

    I have a card loaded in Passbook. But when I try to add tickets via an event link in my email after selecting the Add button the tickets are not being added to my Passbook app. Any ideas on how to fix?

  4. by Gail on August 17, 2013  1:10 pm Reply

    I don't have a trash can to get rid of past offers. I just have the offers

  5. by Toma Vlahov on September 6, 2013  12:14 am Reply

    Hi, my starbucks app on passbook didn't refresh so
    i deleted the app and tried to install it again.
    Now i can't add starbucks to passbook.
    Any help ?

    • by Admin on September 6, 2013  12:19 am Reply

      Which country are you in Toma? The Starbucks app is different in different countries and not all Starbucks app have integrated passbook passes.

  6. by Ted on September 21, 2013  3:18 pm Reply

    Hi, I just had my iphone5 updated to ios7, and sad to say, the update did not go well and everything on my phone is wiped out, from contacts to pics and even passbook contents. May I know if there are other ways to recover the pass? Btw, I got the pass on a link that was given to me by a friend, I tried looking for the link but it is already erased on the web. Thanks in advance

  7. by Linda Brown on October 5, 2013  12:26 am Reply

    There is no trash an showing on my Evenbrite ticket on the back. How do I delete it since the event is over ?

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