No Passbook for the iPad

As many may already know, Passbook iOS6 is an app only for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Apple has mentioned that it is not compatible with the iPad, and there are good reasons why.  But there could also be advantages for Passbook to be iPad enabled too, especially if Apple’s planning on releasing a 7 to 8 inch iPad in the near future.

Why Passbook isn’t in the iPad:

  • An iPad is bigger than a wallet:
    • Nobody wants to whip out their large tablet to pay for a coffee, or have to carry their tablets around and have it act as a wallet.  It’s too large and cumbersome.
  • iPhones are more convenient:
    • iPhones and iPod Touches fit in your pocket and people can carry these devices around a lot more easily and often than an iPad.  Browsing through passes in Passbook requires only one hand, whereas for the iPad would require more effort.
  • iPhones are more likely to support NFC in the future
    • Passbook would work great with NFC, and Apple’s not likely to integrate NFC into iPads just yet.

Why Passbook could be in the iPad:

Maybe consumers want more than just to use Passbook passes in transactions. The iPad could support iPhones in a sense that it provides more Passbook back end features.  Instead of actually using the iPad for transactions, it could contain all transaction information from the iPhone and store it in the iPad.

  • Detailed transaction history:
    • Perhaps it would be possible for users to track just when and where they used each pass, serving as a record of all their transactions
  • Lose your iPhone/iPod Touch
    • Even if this happens, all Passbook passes could still be used based on the unique barcode numbers.  However, if all Passbook passes were backed up through an iPad, it might make things simpler.

These are just some of my thoughts on Passbook and the iPad.  If you have any other thoughts please leave your comments below.

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