Passbook Services Comparison: Selling Tactics and Pricing

This section describes the selling strategies and pricing methods of each Passbook service.  The full article is posted here.

Selling Tactics and Pricing

So how have these companies leveraged their financial acumen to provide pricing and market their services?  In terms of integrity and selling tactics, these were measured against Apple’s standards and how compliant each business is.  These include the extent to which passes can be offered and the samples they are authorized to use or display on their websites.  Apple has specifically said that these companies are only allowed to give samples or demos on pass templates in which the underlying companies have given them the authority to.

Passsource and PassDock have a large number of samples with company branding on them.  For example, Toys R Us, H&M, Emirates, American Express, Sephora, Virgin Australia, and much more sample passes appear frequently on their websites for users to download.  It is uncertain whether Passsource and PassDock have been legally granted permission to display these brands in their samples, which could pose a conflict in the future.

PassKit and Passify however, are compliant with Apple standards.  PassKit already has known clients with Apple Australia, Subway, and Jashan, and they are authorized to use these as samples on their website.  Passify’s samples don’t have corporate branding attached to them, and thus satisfy Apple’s legal terms.  Integrity and marketing/selling strategies are important to the future success of a business.  Compliance to standards demonstrate the management’s integrity, capabilities, and completeness.

Finally, onto pricing. All of these businesses have different pricing schemes.  For example, in addition to the free user accounts, there are other packages for commercial purposes depending on the volume of passes companies require.  The table below is just some information to reference by and are not comprehensive of the relevant pricing.

PassKit Passsource Passdock PassTools PassPages
Free for basic users, businesses have 30 day free trial to any package (6 to choose from) $25 per pass, personal and professional accounts available Free at the moment, pricing not released 30 day free trial, no “per pass” pricing, pricing to be released 30 day free trial, no details on pricing

PassKit has a versatile pricing plan, with 6 different types that businesses or individuals can choose from.   Each plan has a number of features and depending on the needs of a consumer or business, their pricing plans are very accommodating.

Passsource has two types of accounts: personal and professional, and users are charged either on a monthly or yearly basis.  On top of this Passsource has a pay as you go pricing scheme, a custom certificate setup service, and web service integration services.

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